American Emu OiL

Omegs 3s - Accelerates Healing Process - All Purpose
72101 - 1 oz. - $42.00
72104 - 4 oz. - $105.00
72103 - 8 oz. - $180.00
72105 - 32 oz. -  $450.00      

  • Healing Enhancer
  • Hydrating
  • Non-comdegenic
  • Paba Free
  • Skin Friendly
  • Skin Protectant
  • Skin Therapy

E2 Serum is a superior skin protectant. The serum improves the body's own healing process. Excellant for use on burns, cuts, sores, wounds, Psoriasis, Eczema, inflammatory conditions, etc.

E2 Serum enhances the transport of bioactive compounds through the skin. Excellant pre and post-op for laser surgery, resurfacing, surgical scars, face lifts, electrolysis and waxing. Maintains hydration levels, accelerates healing and keeps scars and blisters from forming. Minimizes scarring.

Winter Skin Protection

Protect your skin from weather changes......cold, dry air, heated interiors and outdoor activities. Highly purified Emu Oil and pharmaceutical grade Vitamin E are combined to offer beneficial supplements to the skin. A-Cute Derm nutrient products are potent hydrators that prevent moisture loss and are long lasting and healing. Several are excellent for use on Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea. A-Cute Derm flagship analgesic eliminates pain
and discomfort associated with deep bruises, muscle strain and arthritic conditions. This product, E2 Extra Strength utilizes 16 herbs and essential oils. This product is all natural and contains 3 active pain relief ingredients.. Use Brite Eyes to improve dark circles and help lessen puffiness to the eye area. E2 Lipid Creme is a light facial creme, great for use under make-up. E2 Lipid Hand & Body Lotion is a great all over body moisturizer.


Supply lasts depending on frequency of use. Use as often as needed. Note: Product changes may occur. E2  Serum may seperate. Shake well before use. Product will solidify in cool/cold temperatures. To return the product to its natural consistancy without damaging the healing properties of the Emu Oil, run warm water over the bottle or wrap in a warm towel. Do not microwave. These changes are natural and do not have any effect on the quality or effectiveness of the product.
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E2 Serum
E2 Serum
4 & 8oz.
A-Cute Derm is also the only medical-grade skin care manufacturer that produces 99.9% purified emu oil products. Emu Oil is a safe and highly effective lipid that appears to accelerate the body’s ability to heal faster and better’.